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Spring is here and the Daffodils are Blooming.

Daffodil Planting

Arbor Day 1998 marked the planting of Daffodils around the town. With support from Council and Tree Trust Volunteers a number of areas were planted out around town at this time. Hamilton Road on the main approach to Cambridge (left) and the eastern approaches to the town, by the Karapiro Stream Bridge.

Other plantings have been made from time to time, as CTT members go around the town and find a suitable place for bulbs.  There are on-going problems with mowing, but the daffodils seem to survive.

  • A general view of Payne Park not far from Hamilton Rd. (September 2016)
  • Roadside planting.
  • Spring welcomes people to Cambridge.
  • A great display alongside Hamilton Road on September 10 2016.
  • Daffodils in from Hamilton Road.
  • These are inside the fence off Hamilton Road.
  • Showing some of the planters.
  • A general view of the park as at 23.9.16.
  • General terrain.
  • A gum tree to be removed.
  • The view from the side of Payne Park nearest the river.
  • A magnolia beside Resthaven's swale.
  • A closer view of the magnolia beside Resthaven's swale.

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