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We now have a Thursday group to supplement our Tuesday volunteers. 

We have been too successful for our own good. Waipa District Council can not get enough staff to do the maintenance required on our plantings so we have to do it ourselves. 

The Thursday group was started by Eric Todd last year, 2017. Some of the more able-bodied of us get together and spray and weed our plantings. The two big ones, Lola Silcock Park and the Meadow Walk, require a lot of maintenance as they are fairly new and their plants aren't big enough to keep weeds down, unlike our older plantings, which are fairly clean. This work supplements the Tuesday group's summer maintenance program. 

We spend 2-3 hours in the field, then adjourn to a cafe to put the world to rights over morning tea. 


This video was made in March 2018.


This one dates from May 2018.

The Rimu Grove