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This video, from 2012, shows some of the students from St. Peters School, Cambridge, undertaking the 50 hours of community service required for the International Baccalaureate.



Here is a video of their second planting on this site.

They finished planting the 360 plants we gave them, so they went back to the Thornton Rd. nursery for an hour's work re-potting. Unfortunately, my microphone is very susceptible to wind noise, so I couldn't use the outdoor audio. However, the Bizet symphony captures the student's youthful enthusiasm beautifully, as you would expect seeing it was written when he was about the same age as these students.  It is properly called the symphony in C, but I don't fancy going through the rigmarole of uploading a fresh version.of the video.



Another group of students is working here this year, 2013.  Here is a video of them working hard on stage 2 of the project, some parts of stage one, and a roadside bank as well.  They had a busy morning.



Here they are again, working on their second and final planting for the year. It's the end of September now, and planting is finished for the year.


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