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There is a roundabout being built on the St. Andrews Church corner.

After several years of asking, the NZ Transport Agency has agreed to build a roundabout as part of the rearrangement of roads necessitated by the new expressway. There was a lot of concern about the fate of the trees in the area, and the memorial gates erected to commemorate Thomas Wells, Chairman of the Cambridge Domain Board from 1880 to 1905. A public open day was held in what is now the Good Union restaurant, and Council staff allayed suspicions. Some trees do have to go, but the gates will be cleaned and reinstalled in a better location away from the traffic. The Waipa District Council is taking the opportunity presented by the building of the roundabout, to revamp that part of Te Ko Utu Park.

Here are some photos of work in progress.



  • 01. Where we're at
  • 02. Once there was a big camelia here
  • 03. Lake St on the back of a truck
  • 04. Digging it all up
  • 05. Lake St foundation
  • 06. The gates will be shifted to a more sensible place
  • 07. This tree wasn't very healthy
  • 08. Heavy machinery
  • 09. All this will be rebuilt
  • 10. New kerb and channel
  • 11. Base course
  • 12. For landscaping
  • 13. Afternoon tea time
  • 14. Where the new parking area will be
  • 15. More heavy machinery
  • 16. Even heavier machinery
  • 17. The work extends well along Victoria St
  • 18. Straightening a dog-leg in Thornton Rd
  • 19. The other side of the straightening
  • 20. The roundabout takes shape
  • 21. The park side of the roundabout
  • 22. Thomas Wells memorial gate
  • 24. Finishing the base
  • 25. Victoria-Thornton intersection
  • 26. St. Andrew's Church left rear
  • 27. To be refurbished and re-erected
  • 28. The central island takes shape
  • 29. A median island
  • 30. Hamilton - Victoria intersection medians
  • 31. Lay-out for a median, Victoria Rd.
  • 32. Pedestrian refuge
  • 33. Nearly done
  • 34. New carpark
  • 35. Right turn into Thornton Rd.

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