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This little park was used for grazing sheep until September 2016, so all we did was plant a few trees there. Now the sheep have gone and Waipa District Council is opening it up for the public to use. It adjoins the Resthaven retirement village, and will be a useful adjunct to their land. Some of it has been planted in daffodils, and those the sheep left have multiplied, though they're a bit scrappy at the moment. There are two good displays though. One in inside the fence and one is outside by the road.

Other photos show the park as it is at 23.9.2016, before work starts on its development.

  • A general view of Payne Park not far from Hamilton Rd. (September 2016)
  • Roadside planting.
  • Spring welcomes people to Cambridge.
  • A great display alongside Hamilton Road on September 10 2016.
  • Daffodils in from Hamilton Road.
  • These are inside the fence off Hamilton Road.
  • Showing some of the planters.
  • A general view of the park as at 23.9.16.
  • General terrain.
  • A gum tree to be removed.
  • The view from the side of Payne Park nearest the river.
  • A magnolia beside Resthaven's swale.
  • A closer view of the magnolia beside Resthaven's swale.

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