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The land by the Gaslight Theatre at the end of Alpha St. was the site of one of our early plantings. Those trees are now substantial, and with the building of the Te Awa footpath and cycleway, we decided to add to it. Cambridge High School pupils did some initial planting in the area just past the sewer pipe, and we have maintained this and done some infill planting to replace casualties. We also had to do some thinning. The trees were thriving, and getting crowded.

We have also extended the original planting by thickening the edge of the old one. Now that those trees are large, there is room for an understory. While we were working there, we decided to make a screen of trees and shrubs to conceal the water treatment plant, and to attempt to restrict the space for hooligans to cut up the lawn with their cars.

Gaslight Theatre and Te Awa

  • Stakes to protect the trees.
    Stakes to protect the trees.
  • What's next?
    What's next?
  • Surveying the morning's work.
    Surveying the morning's work.
  • Extending the original 20-year-old planting.
    Extending the original 20-year-old planting.
  • Screening the water treatment plant.
    Screening the water treatment plant.
  •  Spreading mulch.
    Spreading mulch.
  • A well-earned rest
    A well-earned rest
  • Some of the plants.
    Some of the plants.
  • Packing up.
    Packing up.
  • Tidying empty mulch bags.
    Tidying empty mulch bags.

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