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Contact Cambridge Treetrust
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cambridge Tree Trust
89 Thornton Road
P.O Box 624


Feel free to contact any of the people below if you have any questions.

Trustees and Management Committee listed for 2017-18.


Don Willoughby     07 827 8051

Trevor Walker

Joan McCathie       07 827 7697

David Phillipps       022 416 6996



Management Committee

Eric Todd :            Chairman                07 8232107

John Moodie :      Deputy Chairman    07 8275549

Connie Scholten   Secretary      

Greg Liddy :         Treasurer                 021 331 539

Joan McCathie :                                   07 8277697  (Funding co-ordinator).

Harold Thomas                                    07 827 4034

Philip Coles                                            (Community Board rep.)



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Members Subscription

Subscriptions are valid for one year and are due on the 1st of September annually.

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  • Bank account for donations: Kiwibank, 38-9005-0635102-01

The 3-minute video below shows what we can do with your donations. Click the "play" arrow, then the "full screen" box at the bottom right of the  picture and the video will play in high definition.