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This is a new planting alongside the Brian Mayo Reserve. It is on land used for cropping hay and silage, and is designed to link up with the rimu and totara groves. Unlike them, it incorporates a variety of species, including grasses. There is a suburban power y line running above the land, and we have to plant low-growing species under it.

A good deal of effort went into the planning. The team was led by Jane Moodie, and she and her team spent many hours over their kitchen tables laying out planting schemes before settling on the one being used. 

Today's effort, 5th July 2022, was just the start.

Comes the beginning of August, and we have the chance, in between showers, to finish the job, or at least stage 1. Jane already has her eye on stage 2. The ground is very soft after all the rain, so we could take only a light truck near the site. The metalled track is on the other side of the swale.

Jane's Lane

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