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The Soldier's Track runs from under the high level Victoria Bridge to the low level Ferguson Bridge in Shakespeare St.

The mature trees which remain above the walk include impressive specimens of several species. A group of seven magnolias was planted near the southern end of the high-level bridge to commemorate the centenary of its construction ( 1907 - 2007 ).

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The removal early in 2008 of large and potentially dangerous eucalyptus trees on the river bank meant that the path was damaged and closed for a while.

In April 2008 a burn-off of surface rubbish got slightly out of hand when the fire got into the ground. Wheel-barrows full of water were inadequate, and the fire brigade attended the scene.

The video below shows the track as at September 2012, and gives some of its history; in particular, why it is called the Soldiers Track. It might seem a bit odd, seeing the barracks were on the other side of the river in, naturally, Fort St.

Some photos of Soldiers' Track.