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Riverview Park is now almost complete (July 2016).

It needs only a bit of infill planting, and maintenance until its plants grow bigger.  More  gum trees will be felled from time to time by the Council, largely to stop them falling into the river.  The soil here is very sandy and loose, and doesn't hold big trees very well. We will do further planting as the gums are felled. Bamboo has also been a major problem.

Planting here is as complete as we can get it. There is still some bamboo to deal with, and we will not plant in its vicinity as potent sprays will be used to kill it. As the Council fells more gum trees, we will plant more suitable species in their place.

The Waipa District Council refers to this park as Ferguson Park, as the nearby low-level bridge is known officially  as the Ferguson Bridge.

Click here for photos of our planting.