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The Cambridge Tree Trust is a volunteer non-profit organisation dedicated to beautifying Cambridge.

The aim of the trust is to plant trees in and around Cambridge; to enhance the approaches to the town, protect the environment and keep alive the image of Cambridge as the Town of Trees.

Plantings along all our town walkways include many different berry and nectar trees, to encourage native birds to come here and to stay here. 

The trust is also involved in building new walkways. Here is a link to the Cambridge i-Site's map showing our tracks: Cambridge i-Site information centre

By becoming a member, you will help the trust to buy new trees and building materials, and keep the nursery running. If you join the Tuesday Group as well, you will be involved in the construction, planting and maintenance of parks and tracks in parts of Cambridge you may never otherwise go to. You will get good physical exercise, something that is important as people age, and it will be done in good company.

The Tree Trust is an entirely voluntary association. Even the Chairman doesn't get so much as an honorarium. All subscriptions and donations go towards the stated purposes of the Trust, though we do allow ourselves morning tea.

Throughout the website there are many videos illustrating our activites and the result over the years, and photograph galleries of the walks and parks, walking maps, educational information about pest plants as well as information about our organisation and how to get in touch if you would like more information or would like to participate.