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The Tree Trust emphasises native plants in its projects.

For some detail on the native trees we use, click on the link to the Department of Conservation's  very informative website.

River terrace

We have planted a wide selection of native plants, not always trees.  The big phormium tenax flaxes, for instance, along with smaller varieties such as P.cookianum.  We have planted grasses such as carex, and several species of fern.  We have planted cordylines, kowhai, lancewood, manuka, kanuka, hoheria, pittosporum, griselinea, coprosma and others.  We have even included kauri, in several locations, although the Kauri Grove is not ours, being planted by the Cambridge Rotary Club.

We are not dogmatic about planting natives, and will happily plant exotics and cultivars where the location calls for them.  For instance, much of Lola Silcock Park is planted in cherries and maples, and there are several fruit trees on the Meadow Walk.  Scattered through various projects, there are citrus and bay trees, and in Ann's Patch there is that lovely autumnal arch of golden elms.

Nevertheless, because of all the seed we gather, and cuttings we propagate, we use more eco-sourced material than might be supposed.

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  • Bank account for donations: Kiwibank, 38-9005-0635102-01

The 3-minute video below shows what we can do with your donations. Click the "play" arrow, then the "full screen" box at the bottom right of the  picture and the video will play in high definition.