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Lake Karapiro has been the home of high-performance rowing for decades. Recently, canoeing has built a facility there and waka ama and triathletes use the facilities as well. The yacht club also has new premises. Earthworks for the new buildings involved left a bank which is too steep for safe mowing, so we were asked to plant it. This we did, over a couple of Tuesday mornings, with more to come when the additional area is cleared. Maintenance will be by the facility's ground staff, and will be mostly done by mulching the areas.


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The canoeists building is fairly recent, and there are some banks which are difficult or even impossible to mow. We have been asked to plant them in an attempt to suppress weed growth. The job has grown since we started, like the plants. We have to plant small plants to maintain the view of the lake and the activity on it during events.

Staffing is always a problem with our public gardens, so we were not surprised to find our planting here full of weeds and in sad need of maintenance. We came here on Tuesday, November 2nd, and the lake was a picture of peace and tranquility. A day later, a southerly gale had whipped it up almost to surfing standard.

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