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56. lsp1 march 2011
56. lsp1 march 2011

The river and the park from The Warehouse. March 2011.

57. lsp  march 2011
57. lsp march 2011

The length of the park.

58. lsp  march 2011
58. lsp march 2011

The park through the ferns.

59. lsp march 2011
59. lsp march 2011

The lawn. March 2011.

60. the bun at l.s.p.  march 2011
60. the bun at l.s.p...

The "Bun" at the Bath St. end of the park.

61. planting a bank.  april 2011
61. planting a bank....

Planting th ebank between the higher and lower tracks. April 2011.

62. the warehouse. April 2011
62. the warehouse. A...

The view from the other side of the river.

63. the river down there  april 2011
63. the river down t...

The Waikato river through some foliage. April 2011.

64. lsp bank by carpark planted.  april 2011
64. lsp bank by carp...

The bank below the carpark.April 2011.

65. picnic table.  april 2011
65. picnic table. a...

The picnic table. April 2011.

66. lsp april 2011
66. lsp april 2011

The park in April 2011.

67. lsp april 2011
67. lsp april 2011

The new among the old.

68. lsp april 2011
68. lsp april 2011

On the left going down the hill from Bath St.

69. l.s.p. before planting the bank april 2011
69. l.s.p. before pl...

The carpark bank before planting.

70 lsp may 2011
70 lsp may 2011

A good place for a picnic. May 2011.

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