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The Oaklands project is a good example of the extent of the work involved.

Residents fronting the western boundary were sent a letter and a plan in June 2006, detailing what was proposed. Feedback was invited and assistance asked for. The documents are shown in the side menu. 

Work on plantings utilising existing Cambridge Tree trust stock commenced in late 2006.

This walkway links with other tracks, for example, from the Karapiro bridge to the Badminton Hall. The walkway then runs from Thornton road up the western boundary of Oaklands and round to the North along the Expressway Southern edge to link up with the existing walkway in Saffron Sub-Division.

The Oakland Project has extended into the Town Belt Walkway. It has also morphed into the Brian (Blackie) Mayo Reserve and Maple Arboretum. There is now a continuous walkway from Swayne Road through the Oak Arboretum to the Maple Arboretum and on through the eastern fringe of Oaklands beside the Expressway to Thornton Road.