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Each year the local Cub group visits us to do some community work. Because they come in the evening, we can't give them any planting to do so they pot on some of the nursery plants that need to be re-potted. They're a boisterous group, and good fun.

Here are a few historical photos. Unfortunately, they're undated, but were probably taken in the mid-1990s. They show Neville Kerr with some students from St. Peters School, and with some exchange students from Germany. Locations are around Cambridge generally, but the exchange students are photographed near Pirongia.

Neville Kerr and St. Peters children.png

Neville and more St. Peters children.png

German exchange students, Monika Hartwig andBirgit Kaiser with Neville Kerr.png

And here are some St. Peter's children helping Blackie Mayo build a weir.

St. Peters children helping Blackie 640.jpg

Cambridge High School has a plant nursery and eventually its plants needed a home. There is a huge number of plants required to replace the old gum trees which had to be removed before one fell  over and killed someone. A dog and a car had already fallen victim to falling trees.

A strong contingent of 15-year-old (more or less) students planted about 180 plants in a bit less than an hour and a half, on both sides of the Camelia Walk on the top of the bank beside Lake Te Ko Utu. Here they are, having a great time.

Last Sunday, 26th June, a group of St.Peters International Baccalaureate students were planting beside the Camelia Walk above Lake Te Ko Utu. A father and his 2 daughters, aged perhaps 6 and 4, came along, walking their dog. The girls saw the St. Peters students planting, and immediately cried out to be allowed to help. Here are the students, with their helpers.

April 3rd, 2016, saw 8 International Baccalaureate students from St.Peters' School shifting sawdust mulch from a stockpile to locations around plants that the Tree Trust had planted a couple of years before.

They worked very well indeed, and shifted the entire stockpile, about 3 truckloads, in 3 hours including a morning tea break. They worked in the rain, during some heavy showers (they had wet weather gear) and never turned a hair, wet or dry.

Leamington Primary School is on the southern side of the town opposite the Green Belt, and therefore gets the full force of the southerly winds. There are some trees for shelter, and this project aims to thicken the plantings into decent cover. There are pathways under construction, and plans for another outdoor teaching area. Here are the children, their teachers and their parents hard at work.

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