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Mignoneete is also called madeira vine.

  • Perennial climber, may grow up to 7 m.
  • Smothers everything in its path.
  • People, animals or birds knock its stem tubers off the vines, which readily sprout.

A menace in gardens and urban reserves, real threat to native bush. Competes with and replaces native plants in disturbed or low forest, forest and riparian margins, coastal areas.

Starting to expand its range noticeably.  Not yet common in Cambridge.

Waikato Regional Council Biosecurity Help Line

Call 0800 800 401 or 0800 246 732 for Cambridge contractor Ben Elliot.

The Regional Council's biosecurity team will assist and/or advise on any suspected 'Plant Pests'  Details of some of these plants, including photos, can be found under the "Plants" heading at the top of this page.