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woolly nightshade

Woolly Nightshage is an aggressive a quick-growing shrub or tree, up to 9 m.

  • Dense stands can invade pasture on poor soils, especially in hill country, impede livestock movement.
  • May cause skin irritation, respiratory problems in humans, plants toxic to livestock.
  • Can rapidly invade forest margins, totally excluding regeneration of native species.

Now well established in many areas north of Taupo. Most dense infestations in Port Waikato, Coromandel Peninsula.

Waikato Regional Council Biosecurity Help Line

Call 0800 800 401 or 0800 246 732 for Cambridge contractor Ben Elliot.

The Regional Council's biosecurity team will assist and/or advise on any suspected 'Plant Pests'  Details of some of these plants, including photos, can be found under the "Plants" heading at the top of this page.